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Version 0.5.1 build 4555

Added: MI-8MT helicopter
Added: Land Cruiser HZJ79 SC (UB-32)
Added: М16А2 assault rifle
Added: М16А3 assault rifle
Added: K6-1 (6B6) helmet
Added: ZSH-1 helmet
Added: TSH-4M headsets with anti-splinter pad 6B15-2
Added: ESCORT 3 bulletproof vest
Added: 6SH105 vest
Added: CHICOM 81 vest
Added: CHICOM 56 vest
Added: VKPO type A uniform
Added: Civilian medical bag
Added: 6SH2 bag
Added: APS automatic pistol
Added: APB automatic pistol
Added: L-3 EOTech EXPS3-0 holographic sight
Added: L-3 EOTech EXPS3-0 holographic sight with L-3 EOTech G33.STS switch-to-side magnifier
Added: More variants of civilian clothing
Added: More variants of BDU uniform
Added: Move variants of TNG uniform
Added: More variants of various headgear
Added: Vehicles damage system and shaped charge effect for HEAT ammunition
Improved: LAV-25A1 armored reconnaissance vehicle
Improved: HMMWV M1151
Improved: Kora-Kulon bulletproof vest
Improved: 6B23 bulletproof vest
Improved: IBA bulletproof vest
Improved: 6SH104 vest
Improved: 6SH92 vest
Improved: 6B26 helmet
Improved: SSH-68M helmet
Improved: SSH-68 helmet
Improved: ZSH-7 helmet
Improved: K6-3 helmet. Now player can switch visor state (Shift + UserAction20)
Improved: LWH helmet
Improved: DH-132A helmet
Improved: TSH-4M headset
Improved: 6B34 goggles
Improved: 6SH12 backpack
Improved: 6SH11 backpack
Improved: ILBE backpack
Improved: AN/PRC-150 manpack digital radio
Improved: AN/PRC-117 manpack digital radio
Improved: R-168-5KNE manpack digital radio
Improved: AN/M14 TH3 incendiary grenade
Improved: AN/M14 TH3 burning effect
Improved: AN/M16 smoke grenade
Improved: AN/M18 smoke grenade
Improved: Projectile dispersions for 7.62mm, 5.56mm and 5.45mm
Improved: Damage system and first aid system
Improved: Various visual effects
Improved: Code performance
Fixed: Offroad (AT) backblast effects
Fixed: Wrong ammunition load conditions for static weapon
Fixed: Empty magazines for AT launchers
Fixed: Medical items worked as mine detector
Fixed: Stringtables for some equipment
Fixed: Radio protocol

Arma3 Sync: ftp://game.red-bear.ru/rbc_brutal/.a3s/autoconfig 
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774055232
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